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Ask the dentist – what is the connection between dental health and overall health?

Patients are often surprised on a visit to our dentist in Cheam to find that more can be told about the state of general health just by an examination of their teeth and gums. More and more patients are beginning to see the interrelatedness of their oral health and physical health. This connection is just another reason why annual oral health checks with our dentist in Cheam are so beneficial.

As crucial as regular oral health checks are to keep a good eye on dental health, many patients find themselves in fear of the dental chair, so they avoid these routine checkups or dental care altogether. Our friendly and well-experienced dental practitioners at Cheam Village Dental Studios acknowledge the anxieties patients may feel being in the dental environment. As a dental practice reputed for our patient-focused approach to quality dental care, we offer various techniques to manage the anxiety that patients may feel.

At first, it may not seem likely, but the condition of one’s teeth and gums does hold clues as to what may happen further into the body. Life-reducing diseases and illnesses like heart disease, respiratory infections, strokes and mental disorders including Alzheimer’s, dementia and depression can be related to dental disorders like gum disease and oral inflammation. But why is this so?

How what happens in the mouth affects the body and mind

The key to understanding the mouth-body connection is the bacteria microbiome in the mouth, or rather, the effects of an overload of pathogenic bacteria. It is these bacteria that are responsible for unwanted cavities, inflammation and gum disease. While they may originate in the mouth, they do not limit themselves only to the mouth cavity.

As the mouth is an entry point to the inner recesses of the body, these pathogens use the bloodstream as an escape route, landing in the vessels and arteries and causing blood clots and inflammatory conditions. It is in these ways that cardiovascular and lung health are compromised. It is not uncommon to find that patients suffering from gum disease are at great risk of heart attacks, pneumonia and diabetic complications.

As is the case with gut health, both good and bad bacteria exist in the mouth. There is no getting rid of one kind without affecting the other, so the only realistic option for patients wanting to avoid the adverse consequences of uncontrolled bad oral bacteria is to put their efforts into maintaining a healthy and balanced bacterial microbiome.

There is no getting around the fact that our dentist in Cheam can play an indispensable role in limiting the damage bad bacteria can cause to teeth and gums. These bad oral pathogens that bring about cavities, bad breath and gum disease can effectively be treated with suitable dental procedures.

Take better care of your dental health by scheduling an oral health check with us at Cheam Village Dental Studios today. Attending to any poor oral health issues may even prove to be life-saving. Give our reception desk a call to find a date and time that suits you.

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