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Dentist in Cheam always striving to exceed expectations

As a husband and wife dental team we are proud of having been named as finalists in the 2020 ‘best dental practice of the year’ for 2020. As a progressive dentist in Cheam we want our patients to enjoy the dental experience and to focus on the result. We always discuss any recommendation first with our patients so that they are fully involved in the treatment. Everything we do is with the aim of satisfying the patients requirements and going that little bit further so as to exceed their expectations. By always aiming higher we expect to achieve nothing less than what our patients expect.

The next generation

As a family we know that you want the best for your children and what better gift to give your children than healthy teeth and gums. But to achieve this children need to be educated into the rights and wrongs of dental hygiene. We encourage our parent patients to bring their children with them on appointments from a young age. Our friendly, trained staff will look after your children while you are being treated. By bringing your children in whenever you visit our dental surgery you are helping to make them more relaxed in the dental surgery environment. When they spend time with our staff they will become familiar and comfortable in the surgery. So when it is their turn to have their first appointment they will feel calm and relaxed in familiar surroundings. We will also identify any early signs that may require immediate or later treatment.

Modern technology changing dentistry

As the next generation of dental practitioners, this dentist in Cheam is regularly attending training sessions and seminars to keep up to date with developments. The dental industry has undergone massive development and improvements over the decades. Technology has played a vital part in developing new equipment designed to minimise discomfort and improve procedure times. Software has also allowed for improved record keeping and virtual images allowing patients to view what their smile will look like after treatment even before treatment has begun.

Keeping anxiety levels low

As a young husband and wife dentist team in Cheam we are bringing new ideas not only in the way that we provide dental care but with a positive approach to the mental side of dentistry. There are still many patients who experience anxiety when faced with a dental visit. We spend a great deal of time listening to our patients so that we can develop an understanding relationship with each one. No two people are the same and each one needs to be treated slightly differently, by paying particular attention to their relevant needs and concerns we are able to help them reduce their anxiety. By helping them to picture the outcome of the procedure it allows them to focus on the benefits of the treatment. It does not matter if the treatment is designed to straighten misaligned or to replace missing teeth. It may be a simple procedure like whitening or polishing teeth by focusing the patient on the result, their stress levels are reduced.

Let us put a smile on your face

Smiling should be a natural reflection of our mood and emotion and we are here to help you enjoy that natural action. We want to build your self-confidence by giving you a smile that you can be proud of and display with confidence.

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