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Dentist in Cheam, making you feel delighted with your mirror reflection!

Our range of oral treatments is designed to bring you contentment and satisfaction so that when you look at yourself in the mirror, you will feel confident and pleased. Modern technology has made us more aware of our appearance, and your teeth can enhance or detract from your appearance. Our experienced, competent team provides a full range of dental services, specialising in orthodontics. When you step into Cheam Village Dental Studios, you enter a modern, well-presented dental practice. Our staff will welcome you with a friendly, courteous smile to make you feel comfortable and at ease. We are a family-run dental practice with a patient-focused approach that focuses on the entire well-being of our patients.

Sensitive teeth and anxiety

Sensitive teeth and anxiety are not uncommon in the dental industry, and we take particular care with patients who may feel stressed or uncomfortable when they arrive. Dentistry is a dynamic industry, and we regularly attend seminars and receive training in all aspects of dentistry, including the mental aspect of patient care. Taking the time to get to know you is part of being a dentist in Cheam, and it is important to know and understand your dental aspirations to be able to provide the correct oral care. Lack of oral health care education is often the reason for a proportion of dental anxiety. We believe in being candid with our patients about their condition and what the best-recommended treatment entails. We have built a reputation as a dentist in Cheam on integrity, empathy and high-quality, personal oral health care. We will identify the cause of your dental sensitivity and help alleviate the sensation.

Your children

If you are a parent, please bring your little ones in from as young as one year old to allow them to experience the inside of our dental practice. The more familiar they become at an early age with us and the surroundings, the better their chances of not developing dental anxiety. When they are ready for their first examination, we will be able to assess and identify any problems that may surface later. To help them grow strong healthy teeth, we will apply some fluoride varnish to both baby and adult teeth. Being a family dentist in Cheam, we are particularly keen to educate your children on the correct technique to brush their teeth properly without damaging their teeth and gums. We will advise you on the correct toothbrush to get them so that they can start their oral hygiene program as soon as possible. Regular oral hygiene is vital for all the family to help maintain fresh breath, healthy gums and long-lasting teeth.

Missing teeth

If you have lost teeth, let us have a look, and we will advise you on the best course of action. When you lose a tooth, that area where the tooth has been lost no longer receives nutrients, and your gum starts to resorb, which can create a sunken facial appearance. The modern way to treat this condition is using a dental implant that provides a stable replacement and looks exactly like your existing tooth. Our team has performed hundreds of these dental implant procedures allowing our patients to have that mirror-satisfied confidence.

Misaligned teeth

We are particularly proud of our orthodontic achievements. Unfortunately, not everyone is born with beautifully straight teeth and having misaligned teeth can cause embarrassment and a lack of confidence. We are fortunate to have a highly experienced and skilled dentist who has brought relief to many patients over the years. Having a smile to be proud of should be the preserve of everyone. The pleasure that our patients display when they view their image in the mirror is our most valuable reward.

Treatment coordinator

Our treatment coordinator is waiting to take your call or receive your email so that you can start your journey to satisfaction and joy when you look in the mirror.

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