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Do you have problems maintaining dental health?

There is one sure way to reduce the likelihood of experiencing dental disease – look after your oral hygiene. It is why we dentists make a song and dance about the importance of diligent dental hygiene practice at home.

Many of the common dental complaints, from cavities and tooth loss to bad breath and gum disease first begin when patients begin to relax on their oral hygiene obligations. Poor oral hygiene creates the perfect environment in the mouth for disease-causing pathogens to thrive and accumulate on teeth and around the gum line.

When patients begin to experience symptoms such as toothache, inflamed gums and bad breath, it is a sign that oral hygiene needs the interventions of a professional dentist in Cheam.

At Cheam Village Dental Studios, our dentist in Cheam believes in the practice of quality dental care with a patient-focused approach. We offer a full spectrum of dental services to keep our patients in good dental health, so that they can continue to enjoy a good quality of life.

If oral hygiene is so important to optimal mouth health and function, what are some of the recommended ways to implement good dental hygiene practice at home? Our dentist in Cheam takes a look at a few golden rules..

Top dental tips for a healthier mouth as recommended by a dentist

Brush teeth every day - first thing in the morning and again just before going to bed. The gentle action of the toothbrush bristles targets the removal of scraps of food left behind on teeth and gums. Tooth brushing should take a minimum of two minutes with a suitable toothbrush and fluoride-enriched toothpaste.

The routine of cleaning the mouth is not complete without flossing. This step is an added layer of protection against the build-up of plaque and tartar. Should a patient not be familiar with how to floss teeth, our dentist will be happy to instruct on the best techniques to floss teeth properly. The act of flossing has shown to offer a higher level of cleanliness by tackling food debris trapped in between teeth. While the toothbrush is only efficacious on the surface of teeth, floss thread is able to get in between the spaces between teeth.

Patients are very familiar with the two oral hygiene obligations of brushing teeth and flossing, but there is one more step that should not be ignored - that of scraping the tongue. Forgetting to scrape the tongue leaves a large surface of the mouth for bad bacteria to remain unchallenged.

Have teeth routinely and professionally examined by a dentist. Avoiding the dental chair for oral health check-ups is detrimental to mouth health and function. While incredibly important, at-home oral hygiene techniques are not enough to ensure complete lifelong oral health. It is only a professional dentist who can ascertain dental health reliably.

Do you need to improve your oral health? Choose our practice, Cheam Village Dental Studios for quality dental care and an overall positive patient experience. Scheduling an appointment could not be easier; simply give our reception desk a call to find a date and time convenient to you.

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