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Find the right braces for you with our dentist in Cheam

At Cheam Village Dental Studios we know that when it comes to straightening your teeth it is a big decision to make. Treatment periods can sometimes take a long time, so it is a big commitment to make and taking the time to find the appliance that is most suited to you is important. We have a variety of appliances and treatments that our patients can benefit from and our friendly dental team is always on hand to assist you in whatever way they can. Having crooked teeth or a smile that has lots of gaps can leave someone feeling insecure and also cause dental problems in some cases. Making a consultation appointment with our dentist in Cheam will allow you to have an assessment carried out of your mouth and they will be able to recommend which straightening appliance is most suitable for your circumstances, taking your lifestyle into consideration too.

Resolve even the severest misalignment issues

Our dentist in Cheam can correct the severest of misalignment issues effectively by using traditional fixed appliances. These generally consist of metal brackets being attached to the surfaces of your teeth with wires connecting them so they are able to be tightened up. With this type of appliance you will need to visit your dental practitioner around every six weeks to have your device tightened, to ensure that your teeth are continuously moving towards the end result that you are striving for. There is more than one type of fixed appliance that you can choose from too. The more traditional appliance attaches to the front surfaces of your teeth, but some people prefer to have a more discreet treatment and opt for lingual braces. These work in the same way as traditional ones but are attached to the inside surfaces of your teeth, so they are unnoticeable to other people. These treatments can take up to twenty-four months to complete, but this can vary depending on your individual circumstances.

Alternatives to fixed appliances

When you have a consultation appointment with our dentist in Cheam about straightening your teeth, they will not only tell you about fixed appliances but removable ones too. Removable appliances have dramatically changed how people feel about wearing a teeth straightening device, as they feel much less restricted and more in control of their treatment. Alongside being removable, Invisalign treatment also boasts a clear, barely noticeable aligner to reduce peoples’ insecurities when it comes to wearing an appliance. Unfortunately Invisalign is unable to correct more complex misalignment issues, as it focuses primarily on the teeth at the front of the mouth and excludes the molars. However, it has a much shorter treatment time than some other braces, being able to straighten your teeth in as little as six months in some cases. The aligners you are given will be custom-made for you so they fit comfortably over your teeth without impacting your speech, and you will need to take them out to eat and brush your teeth. You must ensure that you are wearing your aligners for at least twenty-two hours of the day if you want your treatment to work efficiently.



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