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Is it better to get teeth whitened by our dentist in Cheam?

Updated: Mar 3, 2022

Teeth whitening is so much more than a cosmetic fix to enhance the look of a smile. This is not so hard to believe if one considers the extraordinary far-reaching benefits to be gained by flashing a brighter smile.

A sunny smile is a key to unlocking the doors of opportunity, whether these be opportunities to win friendships, find a romantic partner or secure a job or promotion. It is the attractive smile that holds a powerful influence in forming social perceptions.

This is why we at Cheam Village Dental Studios encourage all patients to value and look after their smiles. Towards this aim, we have a dentist in Cheam who is professionally trained and well-experienced in multiple areas of dental care, including cosmetic dental procedures like teeth whitening.

We are quite aware that patients looking to brighten their teeth can make use of off-the-shelf teeth whitening products, so a worthy question to ask is: why go to our dentist in Cheam to brighten teeth? In this post, we provide some of the benefits of professional teeth whitening one should not overlook.

Top reason to choose our dentist in Cheam to whiten your teeth

The benefits of customised teeth whitening that can only be offered by in-chair teeth whitening are some of the main reasons our patients choose us when looking to address tooth discolouration and staining issues.

Each patient’s dental situation is unique as are their needs and wants. Off-the-shelf products are limited by their one-size-fits-all approach; therefore, they cannot accommodate individual situations and needs. These products simply do not carry the appropriate levels of active bleaching ingredients to offer effective results, especially if the staining is of a deeper level.

Our dentist can formulate a personalised solution that will target the patient’s desired outcomes.

Another benefit that is of equal importance is improved dental health. By having our dentist provide teeth-whitening treatments, we are well placed to check up on overall dental health too. An unhealthy mouth will not sustain a happy smile for long. Patients should also not forget that often what causes tooth discolouration is poor oral health issues.

For fast and effective results in teeth whitening, there is no equal to what a dental practitioner can offer. Only a trained dentist is legally allowed to administer the level of active bleaching ingredients that can produce a higher level of lightening effects.

In-chair teeth whitening means that patients don’t have to bother with messy applications at home. We offer streamlined treatments that can conveniently fit into demanding schedules. What is more is that, unlike do-it-yourself teeth whitening, professional teeth whitening offers a higher degree of brightening accuracy, safety and longer-lasting results. There is no fear or worry over what the results will look like.

Is the price difference between do-it-yourself teeth whitening and in-chair whitening worth the risk of damaging teeth? The cost of repairing the damage from do-it-yourself teeth whitening invariably ends up exceeding that of any savings gained. Whiten your teeth the responsible way by booking a consultation with our friendly dentist at Cheam Village Dental Studios.

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