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Modern dental techniques and traditional values

Passion and commitment combined with modern equipment and techniques to provide you with the best dental treatment available today. Cheam Village Dental Studios is a family-run dentist in Cheam, providing dental care to young and old members of our community. Our dedication to our profession has resulted in us being finalists in best dental practice and best young dentist in 2021.

You will never feel abandoned

You are a very valuable member of our dental family, and to ensure that your dental needs are always taken care of, we provide emergency treatment. We know and understand how traumatic a dental emergency can be, and one call to our surgery will ensure that your emergency is dealt with swiftly.

Your family is part of our family

As a family dentist in Cheam, we want all of your family members to enjoy healthy teeth and gums. You should introduce your children to us as soon as they turn a year old so that we can build a relationship with them. Early introduction to our dental surgery will help alleviate any dental anxiety as they grow up.

When your children are ready for a dental examination, we will be able to detect any condition that may require early treatment. We aim to help you prevent tooth decay and gum disease and keep your dental appointments to just two a year. Proper regular brushing and flossing as well as twice-yearly dental visits will ensure that your teeth last you a lifetime.

Keeping up to date

Dental procedures, techniques and equipment are evolving so rapidly that it is necessary for our staff to attend regular training and seminars to keep your oral cavity safe and healthy.

The hardware and software involved in dental technology have given us some incredible equipment that allows us to take digital x-rays and 3D images of your mouth at the rate of 6,000 per second. All this technology gives us the best means of helping you produce a smile that you can proudly display.

Treatment for young and old

Being a community dentist in Cheam means that we provide dental care to the very young and the elderly. Our dedicated team knows that no two patients are the same, and modern dentistry provides the training to know, understand and listen to our patients. We want to know what you expect from us, and we want all our patients to be comfortable with the treatment we recommend. We will take the time to always explain the diagnoses and treatments to our patients and encourage them to ask as many questions as they like until they fully understand and are comfortable with the treatment recommended.

Your smile is our reward

Achieving what you expect us to deliver for you is our most satisfying reward. There is no better feeling for us at Cheam Village Dental Studios than seeing a patient leave us with a smile on their face. If you are happy, then we are satisfied that we have done our job well!

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