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The dentist journey

When you come to visit a dentist in Cheam, you embark upon a journey towards having a healthier, happier smile that reflects who you are in a more positive way. There are many different kinds of different treatments available so there is always an opportunity to discuss with us and seek a treatment plan should you have a range of varying concerns. You will always be respectfully given the attention that you deserve.

Whether it is general dentistry, hygiene, straightening teeth, replacing teeth or other cosmetic procedures, a dentist in Cheam will be able to provide you with experienced and delicate care that creates outstanding results.

During an initial consultation, we will take some time to sit and talk with you, gaining an understanding of your medical history, past dental work, current concerns about your smile and your goals for the future in regards to your oral health.

This is an immensely important part of the entire journey that we go on together. Throughout the time that you spend with your dentist in Cheam, we will be able to work together to create a treatment plan that is best aligned with your desires for a final, outstanding result.

It is not uncommon to have some kind of anxiety before visiting the dentist, with many reasons as to why this could be. Fear of judgement, criticism, the cost of treatment or even a fear of needles or the sound of the drill can cause hesitation in many people. We work tirelessly to ease and address any dental fear and anxiety that you may have.

We can do this by facing these concerns head on. We speak openly about costs and try to come to financial arrangements that are supportive and understanding of your situation, we are intent on creating environments that are relaxing and inviting and we are naturally non judgemental, compassionate and caring people.

You should know that a modern day dental practice is quite unlike that of several years before. There are many innovative tools and equipment designed to reduce pain and the time spent undergoing treatment. Healing time and costs are also reduced.

Digital scanners and high magnification also allows us the ability to detect early stages of decay that would have otherwise gone unseen until a much bigger problem. This has revolutionized our role, creating a more preventive care situation rather than restorative care.

In other words, after visiting a dentist a few times and correcting any damage that has occurred during some potential years of avoidance and neglect should there be any, you can find that your bi-annual check ups are hassle free. You too can have a healthy mouth with strong teeth and gums that could very well last you a lifetime.

By taking advantage of these specialised tools and by following an appropriate oral hygiene routine at home, you can look forward to enjoying your teeth for life. There is no reason why you should have to suffer with painful or unsightly teeth in this day and age.

By starting the journey with a caring, approachable and friendly dentist, we invite you to take control over the ride and enjoy it at the same time, resulting in a beautiful smile that you are proud to share with the world.

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