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The importance of orthodontics

Orthodontics is an important field of dentistry which is involved in the correction of alignment issues of your teeth such as misaligned teeth, wonky teeth, crooked teeth, protruding teeth, overcrowding and gaps in the teeth. We think that addressing these issues not only helps improve the look of your smile and increases your self-confidence, but also helps promote better oral health. When your teeth are properly aligned you are able to clean them more effectively and there are less hard to reach areas in which plaque and tartar can build up. Speak to our dentist in Cheam to find out about the different types of orthodontic treatments which are available for you and how considering orthodontics can help improve the aesthetics of your smile and improve your oral health too.

Fixed orthodontic treatment

Traditional orthodontic treatment is carried out using metal braces which consist of brackets, wires and elastics which are fixed to the surface of your teeth and work together to gradually pressurise your teeth into desired positions. Traditional metal braces are usually highly visible in the mouth, but there are different types of fixed orthodontics and if you require extensive orthodontic treatment, but would like more discretion, then you may consider ceramic braces or lingual braces which work in the same way but are less visible. Ceramic braces consist of natural coloured brackets and wires so they are significantly less visible than traditional braces, whilst lingual braces are fixed to the inside surface of the teeth so they are also less visible in the mouth. Fixed orthodontics are highly effective and ideal for extensive orthodontic treatment so speak to our dentist in Cheam to find out more.

Alternatives to traditional orthodontic treatment

If you are worried about fixed orthodontics and require a more convenient treatment method then speak to our dentist in Cheam about Invisalign. This is an invisible form of orthodontic treatment which has become a popular choice amongst adults because of the discretion, comfort and convenience of the aligners involved. There are many advantages of Invisalign which has led to this popularity. Firstly the aligners are transparent and made out of thin plastic and therefore as the name suggests they are almost invisible. In previous years the high visibility of traditional metal braces have meant that adults have settled for the way their teeth are set, but Invisalign is a highly attractive alternative which provides excellent results and discretion at the same time. A further advantage of Invisalign is that the aligners can be taken out of the mouth and replaced as necessary, therefore treatment does not pose any restrictions to your lifestyle choices and you can continue eating and drinking as before without having to worry about your aligners. They can be cleaned very easily as well and require brushing with an ordinary toothpaste and washing with cool water and then they can be put back in your mouth.

So if you have healthy teeth and gums, and did not undergo orthodontic treatment when you were younger, then speak to our dentist in Cheam to find out about the different treatment options available for you.

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