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The Rebrand of Cheam Village Dental Studios

Some of our patients might have notices the rebrand and refresh we have been busy working on at the Studios. Having just finished the practice, we’d love for you to come and have a coffee and check it out.

Our Rebrand

Previously known as Twenty One London and run by a dentist who has now retired, we felt we needed to give the practice a new identity to fit in with the modern look and feel. So, Cheam Village Dental Studios was founded!

Rather than your average practice, Cheam Village’s layout has more of a modern studio feel reflecting the vibrant local community. Lucky for us, the businesses around the studios are close and collaborative; we are situated in an area we are proud to be a part of.

Our logo had to represent all of these details, so we brought on board a graphic designer who mood boarded ideas with us. We played with the generic idea of the tooth, and ways to combine the practice initials of ‘C’ and ‘V’ resulting in a tooth compromising of the letters. If you look closely you will see them stacked and reflected to create the roots and crown, a bit like an ice cream cone!


The practice should be a place that feels calming and nurturing, whilst we administer your care. As well as playing smooth or soft house music, our wall and decor are cool deep greys, teals and highlights of turquoise to sooth you into a chilled out state of mind.

As well as the fresh lick of paint and our logo on the wall, we’ve brought more light into the Studios by reducing the amount of window fittings and fixtures. Our new signage has been installed, with LED lights, making the store front match the interior and making locating us a bit easier!

Your Response

Our existing patients have given us some great feedback and lots of compliments so far. New patients have commented that it feels so different to other practices. They’ve said with the luxurious feel, it matches our company ethos of a family run dental practice providing high bespoke care in a friendly manner.

Our branding was done with Lucianne Soley |

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