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What are the top traits of a good dentist in Cheam

As a patient, how can you ensure that you are comfortable, relaxed and secure in the knowledge that you are safe in the hands of a good dentist in Cheam? There is a way to increase the likelihood of having a positive dental experience. It may mean carefully considering which dentist in Cheam you choose instead of selecting one at random.

Like many fields in healthcare, the patient experience in dental care is all-important to ensure patients remain invested in their health and wellbeing. Too often an unpleasant dental visit sees patients unwilling to experience another and choose to avoid the dental chair altogether to the detriment of their dental and physical health.

Our well-experienced dentists at Cheam Village Dental Studios have outlined some of the must-have qualities that raise the possibility of a positive and pleasant dental appointment. Here’s what to look for when choosing a dentist in Cheam.

Top signs you have found the right dentist

It is easy to discern passion in a dentist. A dental practitioner who cares about their work with patients is made evident in the way they treat their patients, from the welcoming manner patients are greeted as they walk in through the doors to the efficient processes and the superior quality of treatment patients receive.

A dental practice with a patient-first philosophy will find favour with patients very quickly. At our dental practice, we do not believe in bullying patients into treatment plans that do not serve their interests or needs.

Our dentists make it a point to listen to our patients’ needs and goals and choose suitable treatment options that will accommodate these wishes. We believe working with our patients is a more effective way to encourage patients to look after their oral health.

Dentists who are easy to talk to will find that their patients are more willing to be open and honest with them. Patients who are afraid of or not confident in talking to their dentist will find that they may receive lower-quality care. This may happen because the dentist cannot encourage full disclosure from the patient and will not have all the relevant details relating to the problem.

These patients may also experience dental issues more frequently as patient education will be ineffective. A patient must understand complex matters in an easily relatable way and be willing to ask questions when they do not understand.

The investment in the latest technologies and keeping up to date with the best-practice methods in dentistry are indications of a dental practice concerned with providing effective treatments to ensure their patients receive top-quality care.

Very few dental practices can provide the same level of care to promote dental health in patients quite as Cheam Village Dental Studios. We do this by committing to ongoing professional development and ensuring that our dental environment is welcoming and relaxing and that our quality care is directed by a patient-centred philosophy.

To experience the Cheam Village Dental Studios difference, simply reach out to our front desk team to set up an appointment suitable for you.

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