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Why is visiting the dentist in Cheam so important?

When patients do not understand the importance of visiting a dentist in Cheam and the critical role these visits play in maintaining good dental health and overall physical health, they undervalue the general rule of bi-annual or annual professional dental checkups.

Our dental professionals at Cheam Village Dental Studios cannot emphasise enough the relationship between professional dental checkups and quality of life. Poor oral health issues can make the simplest of everyday tasks such as eating, speaking and sleeping difficult.

The number one mistake patients make is waiting for the pain to announce a dental emergency before visiting a dentist in Cheam. Dental problems often begin before pain is experienced. During routine professional checkups, dental practitioners can identify signs of a potential dental problem that can escalate and trouble the patient. It is also during these checkup appointments that a dentist in Cheam can implement preventive dentistry measures to stop the problem from becoming a major one down the line.

Below we take a look at some of the reasons why regular teeth and gum checkups are a good idea.

Critical benefits of visiting the dentist regularly

Regular dental checkups help to avoid restorative dentistry. Missing and damaged teeth are dental problems known for being costly to treat. It is not a given that one is bound to lose natural teeth in adulthood, not even when one attains old age.

Provided that you look after your teeth and gums throughout your lifespan, natural teeth can serve for life. By taking care of minor problems as they arise and having teeth and gums routinely examined by a dental practitioner, expensive and sometimes long-drawn-out treatment plans can be avoided.

One of the great benefits of checkup dental appointments is the professional cleaning of teeth and gums that helps prevent the build-up of enamel and gum-destroying plaque. It is the overwhelming presence of bad bacteria in the mouth that is responsible for numerous unwanted dental problems, including dental decay, periodontitis and chronic bad breath.

But this is not the end of the problem with bad oral bacteria. These harmful pathogens also threaten physical health. Medical researchers have found that bad bacteria that originate in the mouth can enter the bloodstream, where they are carried to endanger life-sustaining organs like the heart and lungs. Potentially fatal conditions including strokes, heart attacks and pneumonia have been linked to bacteria that cause gum disease.

Of course, one of the more reassuring benefits of regular dental checkups is that one can keep one’s natural smile. A confident smile is likened to a prized personal asset as it can open the doors of opportunity to professional advancement and social and romantic success.

Maintaining good oral health requires pro-dental health choices made by the patient (brushing teeth twice a day, flossing, eating a tooth-friendly diet, etc.) and the interventions of a professional dentist. Scheduling a dental appointment with our friendly dentist at Cheam Village Dental Studios is quick and easy. Our front desk team will be happy to find a date and time that suits you.

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