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Why make that routine appointment with our dentist in Cheam

Most patients only visit our dentist in Cheam to resolve a dental problem. If this sounds like you, here’s a novel idea to consider – how about visiting us to prevent problems from occurring in the first place? Preventive dentistry is the field in dental care devoted to identifying red flags that point to a developing dental issue and introducing measures to curb its advancement.

Preventive dentistry available at Cheam Village Dental Studios ultimately protects patients from unwarranted pain and discomfort, mitigates costly complex treatments (as a result of not treating minor problems) and saves the patient time from having to make more visits to the dental clinic for treatment.

Routine dental appointments provide the ideal opportunity for us to examine the condition of teeth and gums for signs of decay and disease. But there are plenty more benefits to scheduling that dental appointment. Here, we take a look at the many plus points of dental checkups.

Benefits of oral health checks

Oral health is much more than just healthy teeth and gums

On a visit to our practice, our dentist in Cheam will want to cover a few other priority areas. Reasons to schedule dental checkups include the following:

Identify signs of oral cancer

One of the all-important aspects of an oral health checkup is to identify signs of oral cancer. When it comes to poor oral health, patients are mainly concerned with tooth decay and gum disease, but oral cancer is a potentially fatal illness that is easier to treat when detected early.

Consult for cosmetic dental treatments

The general dental checkup appointment is also an opportune time to check with our dentist in Cheam about how your smile can benefit from cosmetic dental treatments. Many patients don’t know this, but cosmetic dental treatments are more successful and the results last longer when the patient’s oral health is in top condition.

Dentists are the most reliable source for all dental-related information

Patients can have all their questions and concerns about their specific dental health situation addressed at a dental appointment. We have an empathetic dental team that will gladly take the time to listen to patients and factor in their needs to find a suitable treatment that can achieve their goals. So, why not check with us whether you are really cleaning your teeth the right way?

Prevent tooth loss

Tooth loss does not occur overnight but is the result of a gradual process of a problem left untreated. This means that tooth loss is largely a preventable problem as long as a patient gets their dental health checked regularly by a professional.

Our well-experienced and friendly dental team at Cheam Village Dental Studios will help you with the highest quality dental care to straighten the look of your smile, improve your bite, fill in any gaps and improve your overall quality of life. We have a pleasant and relaxing dental environment to welcome you, so why not make that call to set up your appointment with us today?



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