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Hi, my name is Devaki, and I would love to be your Orthodontist!

Orthodontics is something I am extremely passionate about and giving patients the smile they deserve is the reason why I love my job. I love to learn more about you and what you would like to achieve with your smile, and I tailor my approach to give you the best outcome possible.


Orthodontics is the art of straightening your teeth and in some cases, correcting or improving your bite. Orthodontics is a specialty area in dentistry that focuses on straightening teeth and giving long-term results. There has never been a more exciting time to have your teeth straightened as there are so many more options than the old school metal fixed braces or ‘train tracks’ to help you achieve a straighter and more attractive smile. Now you can also have clear aligners (i.e. Invisalign) to achieve beautiful straight teeth and improve your smile for the better.​


There is so much more that comes with a straight smile:

  • Straighter teeth are healthier teeth as it is easier to maintain better oral hygiene

  • Having an attractive smile will have a positive effect on your confidence

  • Having straight teeth has been shown to improve happiness, dating and job opportunities

  • Having a beautiful smile means no more hiding behind closed lip smiles!

  • Orthodontics is a worthwhile and lifelong investment in your smile and oral health

At Cheam Village Dental Studios, all of our orthodontic treatment is performed and carried out by our Orthodontist Dr Devaki Patel who is a specialist in this field. Dr Devaki Patel has spent many years learning the craft of straightening teeth so that she can do the very best for every single person who sees her. Whether you’re a bride-to-be looking for that perfect wedding smile, or simply looking to improve a smile that you’ve been embarrassed about your whole life, be rest assured, we are here to help.

To book a consultation with our Orthodontist Dr Devaki Patel, click here.

To read more about what orthodontic treatment involves, see Orthodontic FAQs.

For Dentists or hygienists who wish to refer, please download our Orthodontic Referral Form here.


Fixed  Braces


Metal Braces 

What are metal braces?

Metal braces are the original type of braces and have been straightening teeth successfully for decades. Recent developments in technology means they are smaller, more discreet and less bulkier than ever before. 

Is it for me?

Metal braces are the most applicable type of orthodontic treatment and are suitable for virtually everyone. They are extremely good at achieving a vast range of tooth movements and are suitable for complex as well as mild cases. They are also recommended in extracted teeth cases. People who have problems such as an overjet (top teeth coming forward), underbite (bottom teeth coming forward), deep bite or crossbites, and overcrowding, will all benefit from fixed metal braces.

Our Orthodontist Dr Devaki Patel believes metal braces are gold standard for straightening teeth and will straighten teeth in the most effective and efficient way possible. Metal braces come in both stainless steel and champagne gold colours. Interestingly, we have also seen them become increasingly ‘in vogue’ with adults who want to show their braces off (or not, if you’re wearing a mask!).

What is the cost? The cost of fixed metal braces starts from £2,000. Book in to see our Orthodontist for a consultation

What other options do I have? 

If you like the sound of fixed braces, yet don’t want to them to be so visible then you can consider ceramic fixed braces, or upper ceramic lower metal braces.


 don’t like the sound of fixed braces – take me to Invisalign

Ceramic Braces

What are ceramic braces?

Ceramic braces have all the benefits of fixed metal braces, are the same size and shape, but are much more aesthetically pleasing. Ceramic braces have tooth coloured, translucent (clear) squares to blend in with the tooth colour, and so are much less noticeable.

Is it for me?

Like metal braces, ceramic braces are extremely good at achieving a vast range of tooth movements and are suitable for many types of cases. It is also possible to mix and match ceramic braces with metal braces; upper ceramic and lower metal for example.

What is the cost?

The cost of fixed metal braces starts from £2,000. Book in to see our Orthodontist for a consultation

See this link for famous celebrities who have had fixed braces

I don’t like the sound of fixed braces – take me to clear aligners.



What is Invisalign?

Invisalign treatment is the alternative to having a fixed brace, and straightens teeth using a series of discreet and removable clear plastic aligners which are custom made superficially for your teeth. An aligner is a plastic tray that fits tightly over your teeth, similar to a night guard or whitening tray. They are much less noticeable than braces and can come off for eating, special occasions and meetings. By wearing each aligner for 20-22 hours a day, and replacing each aligner every 7-14 days with new ones, each aligner moves your teeth gently and progressively towards your desired and perfect smile, digitally planned by us.

We are proud to provide Specialist and Comprehensive Invisalign packages which means we can treat mild to severe cases with Invisalign with excellent outcomes. Be aware, Invisalign is a tool and the success and value of your treatment outcome is often determined by the expertise and experience of the clinician planning the case in a safe and predictable manner.

Is it for me?

If you are thinking about straightening your teeth in the most discreet, predictable and comfortable way possible, Invisalign is for you.

What is the cost?

The cost of Invisalign starts from £3,500. We are pleased to offer payment financing plans with 0% interest. To find out your personalised quote, book in to see our Orthodontist for a consultation.

Watch our Invisalign video testimonials

lingual braces

Invisalign Case Study


1 Invis Before Smile.jpeg
1 invis before retracted.jpeg
1 invis before lower crowding.jpeg


1 invis after smile.jpeg
1 Invis after retracted.jpeg
1 invis after lower alignment.jpeg

Patient  Review

Our lovely patient Scott gives his feedback on the Ins and Outs of his Invisalign treatment journey and whether it was worth it. Find out why he chose Invisalign at Cheam Village Dental Studios, the process, and how it improved his smile, confidence and happiness.

Lingual Braces

A beautiful smile is a winning smile. This is the reason why WIN Lingual Braces have become the world’s best-selling invisible fixed braces. Patients who have chosen the WIN Appliance have been enthusiastic about the reliability of their tooth correction. Lingual braces perfectly combine WIN reliability with aesthetics. Ask your orthodontist for more information.

Lingual braces are attached to the inside surfaces of your teeth which make them invisible to anyone who is looking at you. The cost of lingual braces starts from £5,500.


WIN – Your Individually Designed Lingual Braces
Fixed lingual braces can do more: Most orthodontic treatments require three-dimensional tooth movements to achieve a perfect result. In contrast to removable braces, which only move teeth by applying pressure to the crowns, fixed lingual braces allow pressure to be applied to the root of the tooth, thus positioning the entire tooth perfectly.


​​High-Tech for Your Most Beautiful Smile

High precision bracket slots, ultra-flat design, super-elastic arch wires, individualized appliances, the worldwide bestselling lingual braces: All this combined is called WIN Lingual Technology.

removable braces

Removable  Braces

For children and adolescents, we provide removable braces including upper removable appliances and functional appliances i.e. twin block appliances, which can be used to aid the developing dentition and correct bite problems.


FAQ  's

How long does orthodontic treatment take?

Treatment times vary according to the problems that need fixing with your teeth and the tooth movements needed. It is important to know that teeth can only move so fast biologically (at a certain rate), so it is important not to rush the treatment and have it done in the most effective and efficient way possible, which we always have in mind. On average, treatment duration varies in between 6 and 24 months depending on treatment complexity.

Does orthodontic treatment hurt?

The truth is that it does not hurt when the braces or Invisalign attachments are fitted, and so there is no need to be worried or anxious about having your braces fitted. Sometimes we need to do some ‘polishing’ in between the teeth called ‘interproximal reduction’ which again, is relatively painless and we will take the time to explain it all to you before you begin. Naturally as teeth move, they can feel slightly sore for a few days to a week, particularly after you start your treatment, when you have the brace tightened or you change your aligners. However, recent developments in technology mean that Orthodontics is relatively painless and as comfortable as it has ever been.


Will I need to have moulds of my teeth?

We don’t take gloopy ‘old-school moulds’ of your teeth. We have invested in a digital scanner which is non-invasive and pain free which takes a 3D digital scan of your teeth. We use your 3D digital scan to plan your case, and we also use the scan to make your aligners if you’re going down the Invisalign route. Advancements in digital technology means we have a special tool called an ‘outcome simulator’ so that you can now see the outcome of what your teeth will look like at the end of your orthodontic treatment once they are straight, before you have even started.


What is the benefit in being treated by an Orthodontist?

It may go without saying, but the outcome you get is very much dependant on the clinician treating you. Dr Devaki Patel is an Orthodontic Specialist and has trained further years to understand the biology of tooth movement and orthodontic planning. As a result, she plans tooth movements efficiently and meticulously with the health of your teeth and gums in mind. We ensure the teeth are moved gently and carefully, to make it as comfortable for you as possible. Dr Devaki is a perfectionist and will always work hard to get you a perfect outcome.


How do I get a personalised orthodontic quote?

To explore your options further, then book a no-obligation consultation with our Orthodontist Dr Devaki Patel (consultation fee is fully redeemable against your treatment) or call us to book in 020 8643 6063

Why us?

It is important to know that the outcome of your case is not dependant on how the teeth are straightened (fixed braces or Invisalign) but rather the expertise of the clinician who is planning your case and treating you. Moving teeth safely is a precise skill, and hence why Dr Devaki went back to university after she became a Dentist to become a specialist so she can provide the best for her patients. Dr Devaki spent 5 years studying to become a Dentist, then a few more years gaining experience in other specialties within dentistry, then a further 3 years back at University to specialise in Orthodontics. Dr Devaki straightens teeth day in, day out, and is extremely passionate about it, so rest assured you’ll be in good hands.

We would like to welcome fellow dentists and hygienists to refer to us for Specialist Orthodontics. It is our pleasure to assist you in the care of your patients. All patients are referred back to their general dentist for their continued care.

Please complete the form below specifying what you are referring for. To download our Orthodontic Referral Form, please press here and email to us at

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

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