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Are you on your last Invisalign aligner or coming up to it?

For many of you out there, you probably are on your last Invisalign aligner or coming up to it, and thinking ‘I can’t wait to finish and get my perfect smile’! I feel the same! I am on my 42nd aligner and was due to finish my treatment this week, however I am having to delay the finish due to the disruption caused by Covid-19.

Covid-19 has stopped face-to-face contact for all dental practices around the country apart from urgent dental care hubs for severe emergencies. This has left thousands, probably even millions of patients mid-treatment not knowing when their treatment will be completed.

I was really looking forward to finishing and having my attachments off ready to show my smile off just in time for summer! I have been in treatment for a long time but it has been completely worth it to watch my smile transform before my eyes. Sometimes I forget that I am receiving Invisalign treatment as it becomes a way of life! I know exactly how my patients feel.

As a clinician, your orthodontist or dentist is itching to come back to work to finish your treatment as we love what we do! Since we have downed our tools in March, it has allowed us to reflect upon our profession. We love what we do, we love bringing a smile back to a patient, and seeing the difference it makes to your confidence. We also love to see the positive change in persona once we relieve a patient of unfortunate dental pain. Being a dentist is incredibly rewarding as we get to deliver and witness this transformation first hand.

As a patient, I appreciate the effort and skill in the treatment I am having. My wife is an orthodontist and she is conducting my treatment at the moment and I can’t believe what she has done with my smile. I can’t wait to show my case to you when it finishes. The transformation already is phenomenal!

Check out her Instagram video on top 10 tips for Invisalign users here.

During this time of closure, she has advised wearing each aligner for longer. Therefore, during April I wore each aligner for 2 weeks rather than 1 week. With my last aligner given to me, I have worn it for 2 weeks now and going forward I am just wearing it at night time as advised so it almost acts like a retainer to make sure the teeth don’t move back. If you feel your aligner is deteriorating, please contact your orthodontist/dentist for further advice. In lockdown at home, it has been very easy to look after my aligners and teeth. I have used the Invisalign cleaning crystals to ensure the aligner stays pristine and long lasting! My wife tells me patients can also use Retainer Brite or Steradent to keep their aligners looking clean and fresh.

The Covid-19 era has affected us all and some may have other health, family or mental challenges. Life doesn’t always go to plan and it just goes to show that the smallest or biggest things can interrupt the flow of life. No matter the size, staying positive and strong during these times will only build your resilience when future challenges are met.

Just remember, you are not alone in this time. If you would like to have a chat, I am happy to do so. Stay safe everyone!

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Dr Krishan Patel

Principal Dentist

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